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How it Works

Start making Your real and interactive Fan base by following below steps

Step 1 : Add Your IG username and Email

To get started, add your Instagram username without any space or “@” sign. On the second field, add Your valid email to get tracking links plus notifications.

Hit “Next”

How to get free Instagram followers

Step 2 : Verify Account and start Following

If Your account is on public mode and everything goes well, You will see the right screen. Hit on “Start Following” to go to the next step.

How to get free Instagram followers

Step 3 : Follow 10 Users One by One

Once You’re on this stage please never refresh the page or close it. Here You will be shown an Instagram profile that You need to follow.


* Hit the blue “Follow” button and it will open in a new window in Instagram.

* Follow this profile and get back to our tool and hit green “Verify” button

Note: Once verified, it will automatically switch to the next profile. If not simply click on the red “Replace” button and the profile will be switched.

How to get free Instagram followers

Once You followed 10 users, You will be automatically redirected to Your run time tracking link. Where You can see who has been followed You from Instatrench.

If you are searching for the fastest way to grow your Instagram account with only Active Instagram Followers then you found it successfully. Do you need Instagram followers for free? It’s very easy with Insta Trench.

Stay-away From Bots Followers

We highly encourage you to ignore third-party websites for Getting Free Instagram Followers because they will provide you nothing but Bots Followers, these bots do not remain always, they will drop after some days and hurt your account credibility in front of Instagram and your Followers.

Get Followers From Follow For Follow Chain

Insta Trench is a Follow For Follow chain for only Active Instagram Profiles, not sub-accounts and bots, here you only found active Followers and Likes.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers

Enter your IG and Email (For Tracking Link) Follow or Like 10. Here you can 100% Free Instagram Followers by Following and liking other real Instagram users. If you do ten actions of Following/Likes you’ll earn 50 Followers. Also, you can add multiple accounts.

Active Profiles Engagement Impact

The very first thing that your followers will notice on your Instagram account is which people are following you, Active Followers can give you a hit of more real engagement of followers and Likes. You should use our app that will provide you a great chance to earn real Instagram followers. With Insta Trench you’ll be able to get as many Instagram followers as you want.

Insta Trench is the most reliable and real source for getting Free Instagram Followers. The most amazing thing is about our company is that we designed Follow For Follow Chain for only Active Instagram profiles, not sub-accounts and Bots Accounts can play here. We deploy the safest security strategy here you do not need to worry about your account privacy.

Always Consider Active Followers

When you’re looking for Free Instagram Followers, it’s too much important that you consider the credibility of profiles that following you, are they active? at Insta Trench Follow for Follow chain only active profile can work.

The first time users are always seen as confused when they used Follow for Follow Chain. They are concerned if this will work or not but when they found it real and reliable they love to spend their time growing their account on Insta Trench, click here if you want to Buy Instagram Followers UK.